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Tuesday 02 Mar 2010

Designs for Singapore’s first eco business park revealed

Plans for Singapore’s first eco business park have been unveiled by JTC Corporation and the Economic Development Board (EDB). The 50-hectare CleanTech Park will be situated next to the Nanyang Technological University on Nanyang Ave. Once completed, the business park will house a working population of 20,000.

Part of the $1 billion Singapore Sustainable Blueprint announced last year, CleanTech Park will be home to forward-looking corporations that have embraced environmental sustainability as a means to differentiate their business. The development will also push the boundaries of green sustainability, serving as a large-scale integrated ‘living laboratory’ for testbedding and demonstration of system-level clean technology solutions.

The eco business park will be located on a large greenfield site which has a natural undulating terrain and matured greenery with natural streams running through it. In drawing up the masterplan, a strong emphasis was placed on finding a long term sustainable balance between the development’s commercial needs and the site’s natural biodiversity.

Mr Manohar Khiatani, CEO of JTC Corporation, said: “As an infrastructural solutions provider, JTC has always placed priority on developing innovative and sustainable real estate solutions to meet the needs of our customers operating in resource-challenged Singapore. CleanTech Park will serve as an icon for the development and application of clean technologies and we shall strive to push the envelope but in a practical and cost effective way. Environmental sustainability will be the natural direction that businesses must take moving forward. CleanTech Park will be emblematic of how businesses can achieve both economic vibrancy and environmental sustainability; functioning in harmony with nature.”

The development of CleanTech Park will be carried out in 3 phases over 20 years. The first phase of the project - the development of the infrastructure within CleanTech Park - will commence in July 2010, and will be finished in 2018. CleanTech Park is expected to create 20,000 jobs and draw some $2.5 billion worth of investments in buildings when it is completed in 2030.

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