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Monday 01 Mar 2010

Restaurant and Bar Design Awards announce shortlist

Often overlooked for galleries and museums for their cultural importance, a good restaurant or bar can hold more personal importance than any other cultural institution, becoming the stage in which our lives are lived out - providing the place to meet our final partner, the tables on which our most important contracts are signed or the venue for us to recover from a troubled week. Celebrating the diversity generated by such a comprehensive agenda, the independent Restaurant and Bar Design Awards seek to bestow appreciation on the best of the design achievement in this sector from the UK and have now arrived on a shortlist.

11 categories ranging from Independent restaurant to Lighting scheme have seen entries across the board from some of the biggest, and smallest names in British architecture. Among the 68 shortlisted entries is Conran and Partners Boundary in London’s fashionable Shoreditch which highlights the iconic brick arches commonly seen in the area with low lighting opposite a fully glazed wall through to the kitchen. In refreshing contrast is Softroom’s Wahaca (London) restaurant featuring summery Mexican-inspired decor complete with decking, and lashings of hot sauce.

The shortlisted entries are:

Independent restaurant
Viet Hoa, Vonsung, (London)
delectable Tom's Kitchen, BGW Design Studio, (London)
At the Chapel, Mackenzie Wheeler, (Bruton)
Galvin La Chapelle, designLSM, (London)
Cafe Fish, Lee Boyd, (Edinburgh)
Boundary, Conran & Partners, (London)

Multiple restaurant
Comptoir Libanais, 'i-am' Associates, (London)
Canteen, Canteen (In-house design), (London)
Bangalore, Outline, (London)
Zizzi, Zizzi (In-house design), (Winchester )
Wahaca , Softroom, (London)
Nando’s, Buckley Gray Yeoman, (Manchester)

Independent bar or club
Liquidnation, Shaun Clarkson, (London)
The Parlour, Fusion Design and Architecture, (London)
Lucky 7, Surface ID, (Glasgow)
Profile, Shaun Clarkson ID, (London)
theCUT, Julian Taylor Design Associates, (Newcastle)
Circus, Design Research Studio, (London)

Multiple bar or club
Baa Bar, Burn & Union North, (Liverpool)
Big Chill Bar, Lucy Tauber Architects, (Bristol)
The Westgate, Hunter Patel Creative Group, (Bath)
Green's, CDS Wilman, (London)
Bangalore Express Bar, Outline, (London)
Popolo, Fluid Design Solutions, (Sheffield)

Restaurant or bar in a hotel
Elliot's, Ian Springford Architects, (Edinburgh)
Bar Missoni, Matteo Thun, (Edinburgh)
HUNter 486, RDD, (London)
Runnymede-On-Thames, designLSM, (Egham)
The Crown, Bentheim, (Woodbridge)
The Kailyard, Cunningham McLean, (Dunblane)

Restaurant, bar or club in another space *
The Ashmolean Dining Room, Path Design, (Oxford)
Applemore College Canteen, SHH, (Southampton)
The Restaurant at St Paul's, Wells Mackereth, (London)
Urban Reef, Macaulay Sinclair, (Boscombe)
The Restaurant, Path Design, (London)
Middle and Over Wallop, Nigel Coates, (Lewes)

Cafe or fast food
Kaffeine, William Tozer, (London)
Lick, Freshwest, (Brighton)
Leon, Fusion Design and Architecture, (Greenhithe)
Comptoir Libanais, Born, (London)
Tinderbox, Jonathan Clark Architects, (London)
Outsider Tart, David Lesniak, (London)

Lighting scheme
Galvin La Chapelle, Into Lighting, (London)
Sound, Inverse Lighting, (Thailand)
Nobu, Maurice Brill Lighting Design, (South Africa)
Snog, Cinimod Studio, (London)
Aqua, Glamorous, (London)
The Book Club, Shai Akram & Andrew Haythornthwaite, (London)

Identity and website design
Circus, Mind Design, (London)
The Draft House, Studio Frith, (London)
The Diner, Catch Digital, (London)
Butternut Kitchen Café, Mystery, (Exeter)
Katzenjammers, Mike Hunter, (London)

International restaurant
Pio Pio, Sebastian Mariscal Studio, (USA)
The French Window, AB Concept, (Hong Kong)
Ocean Room, Glamorous, (Australia )
The Wright, Andre Kikoski Architect, (USA)
Smokehouse Deli, The Busride Design Studio, (India)
Ara Pizza, Pablo Tellez, (Spain)
Bravo 24, Isabel López & Sandra Tarruella, (Spain)

International bar
Gitane, Mr. Important Design, (USA)
Sound, Orbit Design, (Thailand)
Merus Winery, Uxus, (USA)
Buddies’ Café, Beige Design, (China)
Conga Room, Belzberg Architects, (USA)
W - Atlanta Downtown, Burdifilek, (USA)
The Tote, Serie Architects, (India)

Key Facts:

United Kingdom
Commercial Retail

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