Encounter with nature

27 Feb 2010

Primary cum Secondary School breaks through the conventional learning cluster in Hong Kong

Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School is a through-train school which provides primary and secondary education over a campus area of 10,509 square meters. The architect used its location on the gentle slope as a feature and created a cantilever platform with its form derived from the spontaneous fan-shape of Caldecott Hill. Earthy tones and textures are used throughout campus to resonate the theme of school – Encounter with Nature.

The grand staircase at the entrance leads to the three interlocking buildings named after their functions. There are the Administration Block, Amenity Block and Teaching Block – a seven-storey building housing 60 classrooms under one roof to promote interactions between senior and junior students. Double-height open terraces are randomly inserted between classrooms on each floor to demonstrate how traditional indoor learning cluster can be extended to the outdoors. This distinctive component also serves as a wind tunnel connecting corridors and atrium to improve circulation and reinforce notions of environmental sustainability.

As the school has an excellent reputation in sports and music, facilities that are encouraging to the school's tradition are implemented in the Amenity Block. A designated public entrance at the upper side of the campus provides direct access to the 25m indoor heated swimming pool and the grand theatre hall with upper balcony of more than 1000 seats without interfering with the teaching activies.

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