Parisian wanderlust

26 Feb 2010

Edgy, elegant and daring design inspires to learn

Koncept has created EF’s first Experience Room at the organisation’s sales office in Paris. The goal was to create a space that inspires and awakens curiosity about the organisation’s different language schools. The room creates an atmosphere that gives each visitor a glimpse of possible experiences and destinations.

The interior breathes wanderlust. The wall made out of stacked stylised suitcases illustrates the theme. The suitcases are back-lit and tagged with names of popular destinations. The interior is based on a module system and can therefore be easily adjusted. A glass wall with a screen-printed world map marks the border between office and Experience Room. Orange is one of EF’s brand colours, and appears as furniture, patterns and graphic elements. Paris’ distinctive street pattern appears in the playful seat cushions. The centrally placed media module is used for presentations. It is integrated with the room’s lighting system. Lights fade and the white suitcases change colour in harmony with the moving image. The shifting light seeps through the office outside.

The Room in Paris opened in November 2009. It is the first of many planned Experience Rooms around the world. With its elegant and daring design the room has already inspired many people to learn a new language.

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