A new face for Nido de Aguilas

26 Feb 2010

Plans for the International School of Nido de Águilas Theater and Scenic Arts complex

The Fine Arts Academy Complex project seeks to provide The International School Nido de Aguilas, with an emblematic building and a solid institutional image, that could bring together and articulate in one place, the different dispersed pieces that constitute the various existing buildings.

The project systematises the irregular shape of the terrain, with the work of two equilateral triangles that are defined in opposition to the fragmentary and random order of the school.The Auditorium is the main reference of the group of buildings that make up the institution, constituted as a symbolic element that gives a recognisable image of the school building and an identity for the institution.To carry out this commitment, it has been assigned a high value on the deck of the Theater, which will be central to the design and efforts were directed to make a surface based on a double-curved surface, coated in titanium.

A central element of the composition and applied technology have also been assigned to achieve a reading of great neatness and synthesis of form. Moreover, the application of a double-curved deck on a strictly triangular plan, in addition to formal power and roundness of the assembly, refers to its curvature - a sinuous seam with the topography of the foothills. Geography, landscape and topography that reject regular parallelepipeds and yet embrace this 'sculpted rock' from the vision of the foreshortening that generate triangular base and simultaneously, the variable reflecting the sky.

Finally, it articulates a dialogue between nature and the mountains, with an object-building, trying not avoid the artificial order to which it belongs, set clear and solidly through an elementary geometry.

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