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26 Feb 2010

Extensive development strategy for RWTH continues with major auditorium complex

The new 13,500m2 auditorium complex for the Rheinisch-Westfaelische Technical High School in Aachen (RWTH), Germany, is part of a major development strategy, which will add 280,000 m2 to the campus over the coming nine years. With twelve auditoriums, ranging from 100 to 1,800 seats, supported by several seminar rooms and offices, the auditorium complex becomes a central building in the campus area. By pulling back from the adjacent line of existing buildings the auditorium complex stands out as a singular, sculptural object.

The complex consists of two building volumes, with a cladding of green sedum plants, connected by a spacious, transparent glass atrium that forms a contrast to the closed and introverted auditoriums. The atrium is designed with several inner terraces to accommodate social activities and knowledge sharing, while the transparency of the atrium allows for people in the campus area to catch a glimpse of the activities in the building.

Two existing neighbouring buildings will be demolished and a new landscaped plaza with mirror pools and greenery will be created to enhance the setting of the distinctive auditorium building. The building’s connection to its surroundings is enhanced by letting the pavement from the atrium continue to the plaza in front, giving a felling of an interconnection of the spaces. The construction of the building will expectedly start in late 2010 and finish in 2012.

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