Skating duo

25 Feb 2010

CHABBANNE completes France's first dual purpose skating facility

Recently inaugurated by French sports minister, Rama Yade, the new Palais Omnisports Marseille Grand-Est stadium provides the city with the largest ice rink in France and the largest indoor skate park in Europe.

Designed by home-grown CHABANNE & Partners, it is the country’s first example of a structure which houses both skating disciplines. The sports facility is no doubt a welcome addition to the city as Marseille has been without an ice rink for twenty years.

The 21.487 sq m stadium is divided into three floors. The 1st floor accommodates the two ice rinks: the Olympic rink, capable of accommodating 5,600 spectators, and the smaller recreational rink. Located on the 2nd level, the skate park boasts 1,500 seats and offers riders views across the city. Public amenities, including a cafeteria, have been placed on the ground floor.

Taking inspiration from the blade of an ice skate, the roof of the stadium is low at the east, and then elevates towards the west, providing enough height for the professional jumps in the skate park. To avoid any heat entering or cold escaping, both ice rinks have been sunk to a lower level.

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