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25 Feb 2010

Samoo completes Sungkyunkwan University Library in Suwon

To keep up with the rapidly changing world of information in the digital era, there is a need for an arena for information exchange that not only the systematise given information but also provides us with the needed information. Key to this design is having a central point within the campus where people can exchange information. It would be a place for studies of new concept, a space of multifunctional complex which makes students want to stay and utilise to the fullest the future-oriented cutting-edge information facilities.

The theme named the ‘Digital Library’ has been the most basic concept to apply in this design. A series of images where books unfold expresses the open space where a surplus of information abounds. In addition, the growth curves of the leaves of a gingko tree, which is the symbol of Sungkyunkwan University, have been modeled to be integrated in the front of building. The Digital Library which has been embodied with transparent and metallic materials is set to reorganise the context of the campus as a hub of information exchange in the heart of the campus.

Once entering the indoor space of the Digital Information Center, an excess of bright lights come through a large hall and the sharply protruded conference rooms represent the vivid vibrancy of students full of dynamism and energy. The conference rooms that come in varying sizes induce the respective spaces to avoid isolation by floors but to be connected with each other, providing students with the joy of dynamism.

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