Floating hotel preserves coastline

19 Feb 2010

U:phoria design offers sea views for all

Inspired by the traditional water lanterns of Hoi An, the Waterfront Resort is set along the coast of the port city of Da Nang, Vietnam. Designed by U:phoria architecture+design, the series of waterfront hotels will be extended into the ocean instead of hugging the coastline. Rather than spreading out the resort into an extensive horizontal network, as in a typical resort layout of detached villas, a consolidated approach has been adopted whereby the programmes are stacked vertically in 10 storeys.

Diagonally cut fenestrations are placed along the perimeter of three sides of the stacked tower, to reflect the design of the lanterns, along with a more intricate and organic patterned wall on the fourth side. While optimising land use, the designers felt that the presence of the tower had to be considered in relation to its setting. In response to this the design gives the appearance of a reduced number of storeys by compressing and expanding the stack series. Floors of similar programmes are relegated to a pair of 2, rendering the tower to appear as 5 instead of 10 storeys high.

Residents will be able to enjoy completely unobstructed views of both the sea and the hinterland. The natural coastline will remain unaffected and the sea pile foundation system will cause little interference to oceanic life.

Currently at the design development stage, the project is expected to be completed before the end of 2013.

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