Islands on the hillside

Gabriel Delage
10 Feb 2010

Rural residence learns lessons from a decade of architecture in China

Having experienced for the past ten years the evolution of residential design in Shenzhen - where the architectural language has evolved from 'simplistic modern' in the 1990’s to 'fashion postmodern' in the 2000’s - Vector Design Group proposed to develop a language that goes beyond those ephemeral styles, a balance between modern and classical which is also in accordance with the environment and the functions layout. Elegant proportions and a special attention given to materials and details help procure a timeless answer.

The site of this high-class residential project is located at the foot of Tanglang Mountain, north of Shenzhen, on a slopping land overlooking the city. A series of landscaped platforms, referred to as 'Islands', step down from north to south, sheltering the basement car park, as well as all sorts of club activities. The continuity of the façade treatment between the islands and the towers standing on them provides a sense of unity to the project.

The landscape is conceived as an interpenetration between islands of artificial gardens and canyons where natural landscape seems to be pouring in from the mountain, creating a natural promenade throughout the compound and linking all the platforms together. The well-being and tranquility of residents are all the more remarkable as car circulations are fully laid underground.

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