Crown in place

09 Feb 2010

China Pavilion completes ahead of Shanghai's World Expo 2010

Construction of 2010 World Expo's China Pavilion completed yesterday after two years' work.

The pavilion, in the shape of an oriental crown, is designed as the literal crowning glory of the Shanghai Expo which begins in May. Coloured in Forbidden City Red the structure represents the taste and spirit of Chinese culture.

200 videos by students will be shown on 15 screens within the pavilion throughout the 5 month Expo following an open submittal programme where over 1,000 entries were received.

"What does an open China use to have a dialogue with the World?" asked chief architect He Jingtang, "We must use modern architectural language to communicate."

He added: "With the Dougong bracket and the 56 columns standing for 56 nationalities, (the pavilion) will strongly impress the visitors with the Chinese elements; engraved on the surface of the building are the nine folded scripts whose content can be the short names of China's provinces."

2010 is the first year that China has hosted the World Expo, compared to 8 times each for France and Germany, and 5 for Japan.

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