08 Feb 2010

Leisure Farm Villas and Hojo win WAN AWARDS 09 Residential and House of the Year prizes

The completion of the WAN AWARDS 09 Residential sector marks the end of the first year of a monumentous enterprise. 684 projects were entered throughout the year, an incredible 163 of which were submitted for the residential category. With such a large number of projects big and small from around the world, assembling a jury with the knowledge to differentiate and dissect was key. Throughout the awards, panels of international experts from around the world have been selected specifically for each particular sector. Running what we now know to be the largest International Awards programme in architecture has created some interesting logistical challenges but with the aid of our state of the art digital technology we believe that we have achieved our aim of “celebrating architecture, sustainably”. Here we celebrate the achievements of architects in the most competitive sector:


Johor Bahru, Malaysia (Unit One Design)

"Malaysian Leisure Farm Villas is exceptionally high quality project – both exteriors and interiors are elegantly designed and beautifully constructed or even crafted. Choosing it as the winner of WAN residential projects of the year might seem like an unusual decision during a recession, but I feel that this shows that the jury’s judgment was not influenced by social responsibility or political correctness, and that the winning project was chosen purely on architectural merit." Tanya Kalinina

Highly commended
Waterman’s Place, UK, CZWG Architects
An 'excellent response to the site', said the judges with Deepak Guggari adding, "The use of materials has been prodigious and quite thoughtful and respects the old architecture of the area. As a whole the building is neatly worked out and detailed and sits smartly amongst the glass concrete structures."

See what the judges had to say for yourself...


Tokyo, Japan (Architecton)

"Hojo was much admired and was the unanimous choice of the judges. The project engages with the issue of how best to design a small dwelling set within a standard rectangular plot in Tokyo. Whilst there have hitherto been many elegant solutions to this familiar problem, this particular project is characterised by an extremely refined elemental plan on 3 levels united by a tilted lattice of structural steel columns which anchors the project spatially to its internal set piece, a tranquil pool. An external screen of pipes defines a spatial limit to the building volume within its plot. The approach to energy use was simple and convincing and appeared fully integrated with the architectural design. The delightful elegance of the composition, giving a multi-layered reading of the spaces and a rich interplay of light, line and volume is extremely sophisticated and ensured Hojo as the stand out project from a very strong field." Keith R Williams

Highly commended
Pachacamac House, Peru, Longhi Architects
Judge Jim Olson was bowled over by the 'exquisite use of a limited natural palette of materials, beautifully crafted stonework and mysterious and dramatic use of light' used in this project. A very close runner up, the judges were delighted the project has received this recognition.

Michael Hammond discusses a year of the best architecture seen through the WAN AWARDS...

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