Zentrix introduces sculpture to drainage for level-access showers

Nick Straughan
05 Feb 2010

Zentrix is a sculpture in drainage technology; a shower drainage line for level-access showers

Archaeological excavations on a Greek site once uncovered a very small room, skilfully decorated and with several holes in the walls and ceiling. In combination with a complex water delivery system, it was thought this might have served as a shower. 25 centuries later, showers are still often little more than a small compartment within the bathroom. However, continuous re-interpretation from architects in recent years means that the shower need not be a glass box restricted in its dimensions by the shower tray. True level access showers, without shower trays, have become a highly desirable way to achieve a contemporary look in such a bathroom - often known as a wet-room.

The overall design needs to be carefully detailed, to avoid flooding the bathroom or risking water damage to the structure and Zentrix has evolved from years of experience with the Dallmer CeraDrain concept : a polymer concrete collar locks the drain in the screed as well as providing a positive bond for undertile waterproofing. The only visible element of Zentrix within the floor finish is an elegant cover plate in brushed stainless steel with just a central slot to drain the water away quickly. This elongated format is made possible by the use of an innovative rectangular (not circular) shower drain body that takes away 48 litres of water per minute - twice that required for a conventional cubicle shower. This volume will cater for free form, larger area showers, possibly with extra body jets. Combining a discretely visible “sculpture” with a 21st century technical solution provides architects with a practical option when integrating stylish wellness facilities into bathrooms. Zentrix has been used in several projects across Europe and its awards for design have also attracted interest from America and the Far East.

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