Forget gold stars...

05 Feb 2010

What is needed are Green Dots

A vision for a fully sustainable Gothenburg, designed and authored by Kjellgren Kaminsky has been named winner of the Green Dot Awards in the Concepts category. The Green Dot Awards honours excellence in innovative environmental projects, products and services. Kjellgren Kaminsky's ‘Super Sustainable City’ concept was developed to encourage change among the architects’ fellow Gothenburgians. SSC is a non-profit continuous project which consists partly of an architectonic vision for a sustainable Gothenburg in 2050 and partly of a blog where news, projects and discussions concerning sustainable city planning are debated.

“Gothenburg faces a challenge comparable in size with the industrial revolution; to become a sustainable city. To achieve this vision we must change both our mindset and our built environment,” said the architects.

The vision sees the treatment of transportation, energy, food and waste change drastically. Around 1/3 of the city’s footprint is comprised of rooftops which are currently under-utilized for their ecological potential -the introduction of green roofs is suggested to add space to grow crops, and the placement of solar panels on south-facing roofs and windmills on others to collect energy for personal use. It suggests the concentration of a denser housing plan along the river to reduce the road traffic and utilize the river for transport.

Other architectural winners of the Green Dot awards include LivingHomes’ KTLH1.5 project which is their first project built from six ‘expandable’ and inexpensive prefabricated single and multi-family LivingHomes. This project won first prize in the Design category AND second prize in the Build category. Belzberg Architects won third in the Build category with 20th Street Offices which they described as ‘an architectural exploration in efficiency’.

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