Flexible wall systems can be solid

Nick Straughan
02 Feb 2010

Flexible wall lining system with concealed fixing and minimal supporting structure

The Permasteelisa AIR SYSTEM is a complete wall lining system designed to combine aesthetic appearance with the most comprehensive functionality and flexibility, while maintaining the most stringent structural and durability requirements.

The simplicity and modularity of the AIR SYSTEM allows clients to create unique projects meeting the biggest variety of requirements.

The regularity and rigor of its design, combined with its versatility, meet the requirements of different projects. It is used on a wide range of new and refurbished buildings, such as airports, transit/rail stations, bathrooms, offices, financial institutions, educational facilities, offices, government buildings, etc.

The flexibility of the AIR SYSTEM allows the use of a variety of finishes, like glass or metal in various colours, wood veneer, stone, HPL, Composite, GRC, or whatever might suit a range of design tastes and fashion trends.

The modularity of the AIR SYSTEM (vertical or horizontal), allows the client to incorporate technical panels, control and security systems , and many different devices such as air diffusers, media panels, signage, lighting equipment, AV systems, video surveillance and more.

The AIR SYSTEM key points include:
High flexibility in terms of modularity, interfaces and finishing
Demountable/ open able panels for inspection or maintenance
Concealed frame and structure
Customization of material and finishing
Minimal supporting structure
Panel alignment (tolerances accommodation)
Minimal thickness of 50mm
Ability to increase thickness to suit project requirements
Fixes to different wall types, such as drywall, concrete, block, steel, etc
Improved productivity of installation

The AIR SYSTEM is a cost effective solution for clients who desire the elegance and sophistication of a high-end wall finish.

Most of the materials used with the AIR SYSTEM are recyclable. The AIR SYSTEM profiles have been designed to reduce waste during the production and installation processes. Permasteelisa’s plans are certified in accordance with ISO14001.

The AIR SYSTEM has currently been selected for the Terminal 3 Refurbishment of the Immigration Hall and Baggage Reclaim project at Heathrow Airport.
Later this year, we expect to implement the AIR SYSTEM on other Heathrow projects as well as other commercial and office buildings.


Compliance to class 0 surface spread of flame
Compliance with imposed load specified on BS standards (1.5KN LL, 1.5KN UDL, 1.5KN PL)
Compliance with the ASIAD (Airport Security in Airport Development) guidelines
Compliance with all the relevant BAA Standards and requirement performances
Compliance with the London Underground Standards

"AIR" is an Italian Patent Pending by Permasteelisa Interiors.

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