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02 Feb 2010

Shortlist for WAN AWARDS Residential and House of the Year sector announced

A plethora of projects passed through the World Architecture News site for the final WAN Sector Awards for 2009. Two longlists were announced last week, 25 projects for multi residential projects and 27 for the House of the Year, following which two panels of distinguished jury members met to seal the fate of the hopeful architects. Today we celebrate two exceptional shortlists with the winners being announced in next week's News Review.


2nd Avenue Lofts (Dub Architects) Canada
"The inventive response to use this lofty, derelict former department store to create apartments has maximised the basic honesty and simplicity of the structure whilst creating elegant mezzanines to the deeper spaces opening onto double height living spaces," said Robert Fry. "The restrained detailing offers a blank canvas backdrop for the occupants to add their own layering to this imposing urban landmark building."

Twenty Bishops Square (Native Land & Matthew Lloyd Architects) UK
The jury said, "This confident and well executed apartment building sits proudly and comfortably among much larger commercial neighbours whilst also acknowledging the historic St Botolph’s Hall alongside through its finely detailed materiality and colour scheme. It is a real jewel in an intensely urban setting."

Glamis Apartments (Gonzalo Mardones) Chile
This 'intelligently planned' apartment was lauded for the architect's ability to create interesting spaces within an restricted plan. "The constraint here (of a narrow width) seems to be the strength of design," said Deepak Guggari.

Highbury Square (Allies & Morrison) UK
"By respecting and re-using the best aspects of the existing layout whilst combining significant new interventions modest and modern living has been successfully fused with the collective dignity of the prevailing Art-Deco backdrop," said Robert Fry.

Leisure Farm Villa (Unit One Design) Malaysia
The jury were impressed by the scheme's 'luxurious spread of spaces' and their response to the built form of the project. They were equally pleased by the 'thoughtful use of materials and landscaping which make the project remarkable'.

Waterman's Place (CZWG) UK
An 'excellent response to the site', said the judges with Deepak Guggari adding, "The use of materials has been prodigious and quite thoughtful and respects the old architecture of the area. As a whole the building is neatly worked out and detailed and sits smartly amongst the glass concrete structures."


Wellfare Centre Onni (L&M Sievänen Architects Ltd) Finland
"The Jury were very keen to recognise this competent, generously well planned project for elderly persons that provides such a variety of beautifully executed spaces and experiences. We were unanimous in recognising that the project marks a way forward for the evolution of such facilities as society confronts the complex issue of the welfare of our ageing populations."Robert Fry


This 'artistic and poetic' house was commended as a 'simple collage of different building components which each has its own identity'. Jim Olson said a 'simple idea with complex details contribute to the artistic whole'.

House in Lumino (Davide Macullo Architects) Switzerland
William R. Morrish said of this project: "The building is beautifully and simply detailed, wall surfaces flow into ceilings, floors and outdoors. These andother design details create a house that is both a simple building form actinglike a vessel holding within it a spatially exciting and diverse set of spacessupporting a variety of house activities."

House in Wakabadai (Satoshi Okada architects) Japan
Impressed by the project's form the jury panel overlooked that this project was a bit 'uncomfortable' deciding that it was unusual and interesting enough to warrant a space on the shortlist with one saying they 'love the way it sits in its surroundings so independently'.

Pachacamac House (LONGHI ARCHITECTS) Peru
Judge Jim Olson was bowled over by the 'exquisite use of a limited natural palette of materials, beautifully crafted stonework and mysterious and dramatic use of light' used in this project.

Sliding House (dRMM) UK
Judges praised this project which had a 'sense of humour' whilst 'skillfully playing with forms, materials,colours and details' to 'result in new spatial conditions'. "The result is actually a well‐detailed work of architecture withmoments of detail whimsy," said William R. Morrish.

View House (Diego Arraigada Arquitecto + Johnston Marklee) Argentina + USA
Thomas Christoffersen celebrated the 'good conceptual explanation, resulting in new formal language', the 'great drawing material' and the very coherent outcome resulting from the construction method.


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