Picture your head in the clouds

Nick Straughan
01 Feb 2010

The first high end rendering solution based on cloud computing technology

FELIX is the first available cloud-computing based rendering solution. A new tool designed for architects, designers, engineers, and whoever needs high quality renderings in record time. With FELIX the calculations are done in a cloud computing facility dedicating 40 to 160 cores to every user. 3D data transfers are automatic and imperceptible even during loads of geometry updates on files with more as 3.000.000 polygons. A 1Mbit connection is all it takes to make users feel like they have a supercomputer at their fingertips. Best of all, FELIX drastically reduces costs. It’s free and doesn’t require any powerful hardware. FELIX works on a pre-paid credit system, so the user pays only for the completed renderings.

Key features
Hardware independent performance.
From 40 to 160 cores per user
Eliminates continuous hardware and software investments
100% non-destructive workflow
256 bit data encryption and redundant online storage
Unlimited online storage for your projects.
2D and 3D data sharing directly from FELIX.

Easy to learn
FELIX includes a huge constantly growing professional library of textures and materials (more as 3000 materials). In fact users can share 2D and 3D data from within the system. Setting up cameras and lights is extremely intuitive, just like the whole application: Stack Studios maintains that it takes only up to 20 minutes to learn how to use FELIX. Another major feature is the 100% non-destructive workflow. This allows for endless and well organized changes to the projects at any stage. In David Rossmann's words: “FELIX combines the great quality Maxwell Render with the principles of cloud computing and web 2.0. This combination of technologies represents a breakthrough in modern rendering and opens the way to infinite possibilities for development.

“Our RIF (Rich Image Format)”- adds Massimo Ciani- “allows us to work on images rich with information and auto-generated tags. Just think of the advantages in search engine indexing.” It’s just a short step from here to the semantic 3D.

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