Heat, power and protection all under one roof

Nick Straughan
01 Feb 2010

The Sunslate is the world’s first BIPV(Building Integrated Photovoltaic) roofing product

The Atlantis SUNSLATES, apart from being the world’s first BIPV roofing product, is only one that offers a roof warranty, as well as a power warranty and has passed the Miami Dade County wind load standard which tests at wind speeds in excess of 125 mph. Currently, it is the only truly BIPV product that is approved by Florida Building Code, and classified by Florida state as building material with UL Class A Fire rating. In addition, the SUNSLATE is durable as well as easy to install and can accommodate a large variety of roof shapes. In the past ten years, Atlantis has performed more than six hundred installations worldwide and all are still operating in good condition without a single roof leak. Aesthetically, many say that it is the most attractive solar roofing product available in the market today.

SUNSLATES land themselves quite flexibly in a system design. Each Sunslate is connected to series, connected with a locking connector wire, forming a string of ten, twenty or any number subject to the specification of the system. The SUNSLATES are relatively light, thin and durable. Because of this thin and rugged profile, we have been able to develop a SUNSLATE hybrid system which combines solar electric and solar thermal into one integrated system which has the capability of a solar conversion efficiency of ratio of fifty percent or better subject to locations, without sacrificing the aesthetics. Currently there is no comparable product with such high energy conversion ratio that would provide electricity and thermal combined with an aesthetic design in the market.

The SUNSLATES hybrid system is what drew the attention of the Lean Green Foundation to choose the Atlantis product for their Future House USA project at the Olympic Village in Beijing.. Ten countries display their Future Houses but the American House is the only Zero Net Energy, non-toxic design in the Future House Community. In July of 2009, two US Secretaries, Dr. Steven Chu, Department of Energy and Mr. Gary Locke, Department of Commerce visited and was impressed. In addition, the Sunslate has gotten numerous awards throughout the years.

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