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27 Jan 2010

shl win chance to imprint their style on Helsingborg harbour

Schmidt hammer lassen architects have won a competition for a Congress and Hotel Centre on the central harbour front of Helsingborg in Sweden, which is a 15-minute ferry trip from Elsinore in Denmark.

In conjunction with Swedish developer Midroc and engineering/architect consultants Sweco, the project will aid the ongoing development of the former central ferry dock Ångfärjan in the city centre adding a 16,900 m2 congress and hotel facility and 17,100 m2 housing.

The building is characterized by a deformation of the grid into a crystalline expression that has coined the nick name “The Salt Crystals”. The 12-storey hotel volume in the south east corner with its light, generic and broken facades will become a new landmark of the city and a testament to shl's distinctive jagged style.

From one end the congress centre starts in three stories at the opposite end and grows gradually to become the 12-storey hotel. The hotel has 230 rooms. The Congress and Hotel Centre run along the sea promenade to meet the apartment blocks, which vary in size from two to nine stories, and are separated from the congress centre by a small pedestrian street. The apartments have the same ‘salt crystal’ grid, while the facades have a shifting rectangular pattern to reinforce their open and light structure.

Project architect and associate partner of schmidt hammer lassen architects, Kristian Ahlmark stated: “This scheme creates a range of varied and unique city spaces. It forms a life between the buildings, the accessible ground levels, and the new building has coherence with the city. We have created a dynamic architecture, which gives Helsingborg a new landmark on this unique and special site.”

The two new structures will be an important catalyst for the city life in the harbour area with cafés, shops and several squares and green spaces for citizens and visitors.

”We have been inspired by the city’s block structure and are also considering the light Scandinavian features in the existing masterplan of the area from 1999. Our project should be an impetus to further development of the architectural qualities of the Helsingborg harbour,” said project partner Kim Holst Jensen.

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