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Nick Straughan
Wednesday 13 Jan 2010

ANYVIEW provides the architects an effective and interactive software platform of photorealistic-level mass graphics information

Assistant Design

ANYVIEW provides the architects an effective software platform of photorealistic-level mass graphics information. It helps present architectural design in high simulation building environment. This allows the architects to have more precise and vivid observation on performance of the design, its relationship to the surroundings and people movement in an interactive way. ANYVIEW is especially suitable for large-scale city planning and urban design projects.

Network version ANYVIEW Platform facilitates architects in different areas to discuss the design at one time.

Architects could make changes thereafter based on what they see in the virtual reality, and hammer out the best solution.

Use of Innovation

● ANYVIEW’s Graphics Quality higher than what Real Time Rendering Technology could provide, while its production time almost same like perspective renderings.
● Combined with virtual reality technology and programming, ANYVIEW applies 2D technology to simulate 3D effects.
● Final product programmed and produced in format of flash (.exe). No special requirement on display software. Architects or developers could use ANYVIEW on personal computers or lab tops. ANYVIEW can also be applied on other high-end exhibition equipments.
● Network version ANYVIEW can be embedded into websites, and viewed in most mainstream web browsers, without installing special software.
● Independent developed network transmission technique guarantees smooth viewing on line.

Project 1
Architecture Design: Gensler
Real Estate Investment: Hudson Capital, LLC
Project Name: Sunset Bronson,
Project Location: LA, CA, USA

Project 2
Architecture Design: Tianjin Huahui Engineering & Architecture Design Co. Ltd (HDD) _ Beijing Office
Project Name: Bolong Lake Master planning
Project Location: Tianjin, P. R. China

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