Turkish delight

Samy Mansour
Monday 11 Jan 2010

The Folkart Narlidere project in Narlidere-izmir,Turkey uses natural materials that aim to get better with age

The topographic situation of the site was interpreted with the search of urban characteristics such as existing structural patterns, transportation, density and the sociological balances of the region. Constructional filters, that were constituted by thinking of future relationships of the target users with the environment, were designed in the light of this estimation as a distinguishing feature of the project.

The most important essentials behind the situation of the buildings on the site were their possibilities of benefiting from the alluring seascape.On the rear facade of the buildings, the promenades that provide horizontal circulation were separated from the main masses and leaned against the wall with rosebays that are extended along with the boundary line at the back. The inner spaces that were created appear as a place beyond an ordinary apartment hallway by means of the light roof skin, structural features that allow air circulation and microclimatic effects of the cooling pools that were designed at the base of these spaces.

On the exterior surface of the buildings, as the continuation of the general architectural scheme, natural materials such as wood and stone and exposed concrete were applied. It was considered that the performance of these kind of materials in the course of time will turn the project which aims to set new agendas with its own features and aging gracefully.

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