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Thursday 07 Jan 2010

Competition winners come up trumps with courtyard-designed building

Emerging as the winners of a design competition, MuuM Architects developed the new Turkish Association of Notaries building around a courtyard, aiming to create a working space which uses interior and exterior space to communicate between notaries and the public. The courtyard is a modern interpretation of traditional caravansary schema which provides an efficient working environment and has been designed to make users feel the changing effects of light and sky with dynamic geometries and material choices.

The plan scheme of the building helped to isolate the unfavourable effects of the surrounding environment and provided openings to the important axis of approach and existing greenery on the south façade.

On the ground level, a recessed curved wall leads to the main entrance and a transparent curtain wall connects to an exhibition hall. Wood and fibre reinforced concrete have been used for the elevations.

The atrium forms a compound space which integrates the foyer of conference hall, exhibition hall, the floor bridges and the galleries. It is a transition space which aims to provide visual and functional steps between social and working spaces defined by the building programme.

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