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Samy Masnour
Friday 01 Jan 2010

Coscia Day Architecture & Design complete Coscia Residence, Anthony Coscia’s own house.

Completed on March 10, 2009 the project is 2,250 sq ft and is set on a 40 ft wide suburban lot in the hip, artistic and eco friendly neighbourhood of Venice, California in the US.

The house is a hovering sculptural form creating itself from a single articulated plane that contorts itself to produce volume with differing spatial sections. As with most of Coscia Day’s body of works, the house is imbued with the quality of movement through the use of tilted and curved lines to produce complex “body” geometry. Anthony Coscia employed multiple physical models and exacting 3-D cad to produce the form. The building’s nature is a direct resultant of his interest in origami as a method to produce fluid folded space. The first model of the house was made from one piece of paper.

Green features include white standing seam roof/wall for solar gain diffusion, motorized with wind and rain sensors, west facing windows and scoop skylights to catch ocean breezes & a large east facing skylight over the 29 ft entry to vent rising hot air. The ground floor and raised ground floor are solar water radiant heated.

This gentrified beach neighbourhood has seen an explosion of modern loft boxes in the past 12 years. Taking cues from the industrial loft buildings converted into artist studios on these behind the beach streets, they use a minimal palette of concrete, stucco, corrugated metal and glass. Ultimately the Coscia residence uses this palette of the local architectural vocabulary while exploring complex sculptural form and space making; thereby integrating within while evolving the discussion.

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