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Thursday 31 Dec 2009

Studio 0.10 completes house for a photographer and a gallery owner

A single-family residence designed for a couple, set in a postwar subdivision just blocks away from the ‘hip’ strip of Sawtelle Blvd in Los Angeles. The project site is 50 ft by 140 ft 'infill' R2 zoned lot with a height limitation of 35 ft. The uniqueness of this lot is that on two sides its bounded by a very well known third generation family owned Japanese nursery which provides a constant 'green' visual field and unobstructed view of the neighbourhood and vicinities above the first floor. The husband and wife’s lifestyle revolves around the creation, collection, and sale of art and photography; he is an artist and she a gallery owner. In addition to domestic programs, there were a few unique requirements; a fully integrated apartment for the wife’s 90-plus-year-old mother, an art studio, extensive art display surfaces, and maximised outdoor spaces for both entertaining and work.

The design strategies entailed breaking up the total massing of the project by shifting and stacking the programs to maximise the buildable envelope and in turn minimising the footprint of the structure(s) yielding the required outdoor spaces and then the hybridisation of the circulation program to also satisfy the exhibition space requirement. This is accomplished by representing the ‘display’ function as a ribbon of movement fusing it into the volume of the project forms. The exterior of the two structures are clad in pre-weathered charcoal zinc rain screen panels to personify the monolithic and abstract quality of the project within the project’s neighbourhood context. The circulation / exhibition imprints and form are expressed through structural glazing bordered with Ipe wood.

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