Passive but not lazy

The Passive-House opens its doors and offers pro active sustainable living

by Samy Mansour 30 December 2009
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    The client approached Taaut Ventura studio with the objective of living-without-barriers, sustainability, low-energy-consumption, privacy and enjoying the wonderful views. The accessibility to all three floors could be achieved by the inclination of the slope: The single flat (upper floor) has its own entrance and a covered parking-bay; the duplex flat underneath it also has its own entrance with a garage on the upper floor, the access to garden and cellar in the lower floor.

    The adjustment towards south permits planned solar-energy profit and necessary protection from the cold north-wind. The entire extension of both floors of the Duplex flat is visible from outside through glass facades which serve, in the winter, as a “solar-stove". The private sphere between the two living units is guaranteed by a balustrade. This barrier serves also as a flowerbox, rain protection, venetian blinds and active rainwater container. Its geometry allows maximum solar radiation and prevents the formation of shadows on the glass elements.

    This geometric element creates an important proportioning of the architecture in the landscape. The heating and ventilating system with heat recovery stands in constant interplay with the thermal cover and delivers warmth without any additional energy sources (heater, geothermal-energy, solar-collectors). Therefore, and also by the application of well-chosen materials and thermal-insulating, the client was able to save money. The ventilation under the frame-house is also innovative to guarantee its dryness in the earth-zone. The loft area serves as an important living space for the client and is adaptable for other needs. Construction took seven months and was completed in December


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