A gated haven amidst a busy city

On the outskirts of Bangalore, House of Pavilions becomes a luxurious refuge from city hostilities

by Samy Mansour 29 December 2009
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    The 1,000 sq m flat site with silver oak plantation along the eastern edge is a part of a gated community. The idyllic suburban setting is set away from the hostilities of the city. These communities though being on the outskirts are desirable places for luxury lifestyles. Architecture Paradigm attempt is to reflect these aspects directly where the notion of a shelter as a safe haven. In doing so it takes on the notion of 'pavilions in landscape'. These pavilions accommodate living spaces which mediate with the immediate surroundings through envelopes of static and dynamic planes (sliding panels) which when open blur boundaries between outside and inside. The need for a distinction between public and private spheres is supported by the idea of distinct volumes or pavilions.

    The house consists of two zones which are connected by a movement spine which flows to become the family pavilion in the private part of the house. The elevated pavilion serves as the space for the son and the space in between the upper and lower levels is seen as a multidimensional studio. The experience of moving through the structure is heightened by the tactility of the spaces and the overlapping sequences of built and unbuilt. One is greeted by a water body which weaves through the house and also serves as a thermal regulator. This house expresses the essence of living amidst gardens in a rapidly developing place like Bangalore which is on the verge of losing its sobriquet 'the garden city'.


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