From fish factory to humble home

Zaigas Gailes birojs’ conversion in Kaltene, Latvia gives new life to industrial soviet architecture

by Samy Mansour 23 December 2009 Interior
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    Discovered on a family daytrip to an island on the Baltic Sea, the family fell in love with the ruins of an abandoned fish factory pumping station. The monument of industrial architecture from the Soviet era has now been renovated into an accommodating family dwelling.

    The conversion project anticipates preservation of the island’s landscape and architectural features. The yacht harbour was added and the facade of the building was isolated and covered with rusty steel plates and sliding shutters.

    The plan consists of three parts, the central full-height hall, a two story apartment for parents and four apartments for children. The new bathhouse- Nautilus- is located on the beach and against the background of the rusty, oblong block of the main house the shining Nautilus adds the needed final touch to the picture.


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