New moon rising

22 Dec 2009

Zabeel Park centrepiece defies Dubai's financial troubles

Despite Dubai’s current financial troubles, the centrepiece of one of Dubai's biggest projects is forging ahead. New Moon, designed by Varabyeu Partners, is specially designed for an international design competition, and will be the centre piece of Zabeel Park, a new landscape park in the City of Dubai. The crescent-shaped construction, considered a symbol of power and energy in the Orient, aims ‘to accentuate prosperity of the present-day United Arab Emirates’.

Inside, the building provides for five levels with an observatory on every level, to symbolise the Five Pillars of Islam: faith (Shahadah), prayer (Salat), charity (Zakaat), lent (Sawm) and pilgrimage (Hajj). The design provides space for conferences and other group activities, a café, a children’s library and a help desk.

Decorated with Arab calligraphy, the outward siding of the building is a steel frame with elements of varying transparency. An architectural solution like that makes it possible to regulate the level of illumination and air temperatures at the different levels of the New Moon, protect the interiors from direct sunlight and ensure free circulation of air flows. These and other means of passive protection recreate inside the building areas with a special microclimate, and reduce the burden on the power supply systems. The building project was designed in full conformity with LEED Green Building Code. Solar batteries and collectors can be installed on the outer casing of the building, to cut energy consumption to an even higher degree.

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