Small pods for a big island

Timothy Hill
Tuesday 22 Dec 2009

Totally premanufactured pods can be arranged on Australia's isolated sites in varrying configurations

The Dhan ‘happy haus’ is geared toward Australian clientelle who are potential dwellers in isolated regions or only slightly serviced sites. People in these situations have a latent brief but would not have expectations of involving an architect.

The design utilises what are in the Australian context very conventional construction systems. The innovation is in utilising these familiar ‘on site’ practices rather than more ‘nifty’ systems to totally premanufacture ‘pods’ for road transportation. The participation, installation and maintenance by labour available to the site is made realistic. Slight tweaking of the generic Australian tight budget palette is directed at life enhancing charms: timber sashes, evocative fragmented colours, soft pelment lighting.

The ‘pod’ plan types and generous paired openings are designed to enable incorporation of site specific outdoor rooms, landscape prospects or existing buildings. In this way the pod or pods play a reticent part in the overall domestic or community array. The prototype indicates the potential to shift focus towards the overall setting and away from the ‘object’ by enabling the necessary accommodation and servicing to be a less dominant aspect of the procurement and format. Construction is from eco-friendly materials with its real green credentials evidenced by the singular rather than multiple transport episodes.

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