Sub-tropical suburbia

James Forryan
Thursday 17 Dec 2009

BVN brings sunshine living to Brisbane neighbourhood

The site for this project is located in a prime location overlooking New Farm Park. Situated on the North-Western corner of the park, the development is required to respond to the immediate context of the adjacent Sydney Street to the West, and both the parkland and associated single storey, public library to the South. The development seeks to provide an exemplary signature architectural expression and character to provide a clear identity and location of place. The prominence of the corner site offers the opportunity to create a recognisable building enhancing the transition / entrance to the Park.

The apartment tower consists of one unit per floor ensuring a sense of privacy and exclusivity. The upper floor levels enjoy panoramic views across the park to the south, over Teneriffe / Newstead to the North and to the CBD beyond to the West. Furthermore, the apartment building has been designed to maximise its potential as an iconic building signifying the entry to the park and enhancing the presence of the underutilised library and associated carpark concealed beneath a dense grove of existing vegetation.

In contrast the more private and articulated, three storey terrace houses to the rear rely on a distinct character for each house to convey a sense of identity within a larger contemporary subtropical expression. The exterior form and detail of the houses will be further informed by, and derived from, a discerning selection of colours and materials which will give a sense of deep shade, protection and coolness to the outdoor living areas and interiors.

The project strives to create a celebration of contemporary subtropical city lifestyle and aspirations. It will be a place where the resident can feel relaxed and enjoy a rich subtropical lifestyle within the context of an inner-city suburban environment.

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