Alpine attitude

Located in a remote Swiss Alpine village, House in Lumino quietly echoes its traditional surrounding

by James 30 November 2009
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    Surrounded by traditional stone built houses, the new house is intended as a relevant response to and contemporary interpretation of the vernacular; its exposed reinforced concrete form recalls the revered strength and resonates the presence of the surrounding architecture. Sitting on the edge of the old village, the house acts as a bastion between the old core and the modern residential expansion.

    The double system of vertical connections, one internal and one external, relates all the spaces of the house in a spiral movement and is in a constant play with its new inhabitants’ perception of time and scale. The principle of the house is to protect and guarantee intimacy and privacy for its inhabitants but also, somewhat paradoxically, to represent an air of generosity and an opening up of to the world. The intention is to create places in which residents are open and connected to the wider community in a concrete way, beyond the filter of maddening virtual communication. This physical relationship with the community restores a healthy balance of mind and aptitude.

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