Bangalore living

Samy Mansour
30 Nov 2009

Locus create a contemporary style with a rustic feel and lightness for a private residence

Stringing the individual spaces in the first floor is a sky lit winding corridor exposing the entire sky and overlooking the courtyard while a flexible layout gives access to a home office and a den in the basement.

Sandwiched with nature, the entire house is penetrated with an internal sheltered courtyard in the middle of the house and an expansive landscape in the north and the east encouraging a dialogue with the exterior at all times. Individual spaces permit passive cooling across the interiors in the summer with the South west winds, reducing heat gain while letting in light at the same time assisted greatly by the interconnected volumes.

Intertwined with the interior is the rustic feel in the courtyard and the exterior, brought in part by the roughness of yellow sandstone and grey granite furthered by a contrasting smooth white envelope. Dissociating the walls and the ceiling in the public spaces is a glass membrane giving ethereal views of the sky while effortlessly giving the suspense of a floating ceiling.

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