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Nick Straughan
27 Nov 2009

Human powered energy generating revolving door. Saving energy and generating energy through human power

Boon Edam developed the human powered energy generating revolving door for the Driebergen-Zeist railway station in The Netherlands, as an innovative and characteristic concept. Containing sustainable technology, this product contributed to the central theme of the project, energy conservation.

RAU architects, specialising in ecological buildings, designed the station refurbishment with a healthy living, nature and energy efficiency design concept. Designed as the first sustainable and energy neutral restaurant in the Netherlands, RAU required an entrance solution which would help in saving the carefully generated and conserved energy within the building.

The ‘always open, always closed’ nature of revolving doors provides significant energy saving benefits, creating a barrier to draughts, but also allowing accessibility; on this project, 8500 commuters daily. Playing a very important role in achieving and maintaining the sustainability of the building, the revolving door in this project was pushed one step further, energy generation, using human power.

Equipped with a special generator, the NRG+ Tourniket revolving door generates the human energy applied to the door. The energy is then stored as a buffer, using a set of super capacitors, providing a consistent supply of energy for the low energy LED lights in the ceiling. As human energy is applied to the door, LED scales inside the door indicate the amount of significant energy being generated, while the ceiling, constructed from safety glass gives a clear view of this sustainable technology. The total amount of energy generated by the revolving door is accumulated and shown on a large display inside the building.

The NRG+ Tourniket, by permanently separating the outside environment from the inside, reduces the buildings energy loss, while increasing the buildings energy saving, through energy generation. The revolving door has contributed to making this building energy neutral and making commuters aware of their contribution to saving energy.

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