Harmonious times

Apartment building abridges the historic and the contemporary

by lb+cb 26 November 2009
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    In the historical center of Torres Vedras, the Raúl Alves Building creates a synergy between the historical and the contemporary.

    Comprising 17 apartments, ranging between 1 and 4 bedroom, a multi-use common room, restaurant and garage, the project adjoins to traditional buildings either side using colour as a continuous factor.

    Lema Barros + Castelo Branco's design includes a double walled footprint generating private patios and mezzanines bathed with natural light; removable doors out to common areas are treated as an extension of the apartments' living space.

    The project was developed with an emphasis on functionality, clarity, rigor and quality. Materials used offer a continuous harmony in all the divisions of the apartment - foot panels inlaid in the walls; restored interior façade covered in marble; removable panels in the exterior of the new façade; Kitchens and bathrooms with glazed walls; autoleveling floor; and ceilings with exposed concrete.


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