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26 Nov 2009

Frederiksberg Courthouse competition winners announced

3XN, Lemming & Eriksson and Schønherr Landskab have won a competition for the Frederiksberg Courthouse in Denmark. Part of Greater Copenhagen, the city is currently undergoing rapid development to support the improved infrastructure.

The new Frederiksberg Courthouse will be a natural extension of the existing neo-classical building, yet still maintaining its own identity through a modern and contemporary expression. The building design is therefore composed with clear references to the architectural style of the refined neighbourhood of Frederiksberg.

The interior of the courthouse focuses on compliance with the law reform’s requirements on security and internal segregations in the building. Therefore, the building provides its employees, the defendants, witnesses and guests an open and friendly environment in which it is easy for the different user groups to navigate. A small atrium cuts through the middle of the building; drawing light deep into the interior creating an open and airy connection across departments. This creates the feeling of direct daylight in the rooms and gives a general lightness to the building’s inner core, meeting the visitors as they come up from the foyer.

The Courthouse is expected to complete in the first half of 2012.

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