The Entasis architects concept for the development of Carlsberg's old industrial plot in Valby/Copenhagen, was won from 221 entries the international competition and featured at MIPIM 2008.

'Carlsberg – our city' is a network of public spaces that offer themselves to users in the form of gardens, squares, axes, streets, alleys, passages and a number of privately owned but publicly accessible buildings. It is an ambition that so many of the existing buildings and all of the existing outdoor space should open up to public life. Carlsberg our city, therefore, means space rather than building.

12 major urban spaces at Carlsberg have been given a functional and aesthetic code. In view of the codes the urban spaces must find their natural form. An urban space is essential for the nearby buildings and help to encode architectural and functional form. The city's room first - the buildings afterwards.

The project seeks complete sustainability from the root of the word, generating its own income, social ethos and environment. In making this possible social buildings are fundamental to the concept offering a diversity of cultural buildings and spaces, offices, kindergartens, shops and homes - a city within a city.

With the brand Carlsberg at the heart of the development financial sustainability is supported alongside new cultural revenue opportunities developed from public spaces.

An objective of low energy and CO2 neutral operation in the city's houses is met by locating abundant public transport facilities, working with urban density and minimising necessary parking space to prioritise for vulnerable users, creating a basis for environmental sustainability.

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