Pearl in the Caribbean

19 Nov 2009

Luxury house with comprehensive design by A-cero completes

The benign climate that prevails throughout the year on the Caribbean island of La Romana, as well as the project's plot across 7,000 sq m of coast line, determined the design for House in Casa de Campo by A-cero Studio.

Joaquin Torres directed the project which is formed as two separate blocks, featuring dramatic curved volumes folding upwards into the vertical position.

The whole house is dressed with an indigenous stone of Coralline in white to beige tones giving the appearance of abundant solar light, and a marine reference.

From the principal access, the house is hidden within the confines of the sculptural curved walls. In the centre, a large double wooden door welcomes guests into the house. Gentle sea breezes can be felt throughout the house using a system of cross ventilation. Bespoke furniture designed by A-cero is used throughout and simple decoration together with the use of Coralline within produce a continuity with the exterior. Further continuation is expressed by the open nature of the house on all fronts, using large opening windows to bring the outside in.

Landscaping was also designed be A-cero and executed by Aybar. Indigenous gardening is mixed with areas of grass, gravel and rocks.

Despite the project encompassing its own private beach and pier, a prime feature of the project is a feature pool which appears like a smaller beach with its graduated entrance.

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