Libya progresses University construction

18 Nov 2009

40 under 40 architects chosen to forward designs for Tripoli university campus

Construction of a 45-hectare University campus in Tripoli, Libya is closer to realisation this week as Libyan Government agency ODAC have appointed BRUESA and IAD to take the BDP designed masterplan for the Seventh of April University’s Zuwarah Technological Campus forward. Planning and construction of the campus and its 13 buildings will be realised by BRUESA and IAD with the help of ARUP within 36 months.

Design development will be led by IAD, headed up by 40 under 40, 2008 winners Cottrell & Michelangeli. The realisation of the campus has been described as a priority for the Libyan government intheir policies of social reform and opening of the country. 7 April is the date in 1976 when peaceful student protests against human rights violations by the Gaddafi-led military were broken up by Gaddafi supporting students when they fired on the protesters. For years after, students and opposers were hanged on that day. The development of universities in Libya therefore is highly symbolic in moving forward.

In 2008 BDP were chosen by ODAC to design seven universities in Libya, 1 in the mountains, 2 near the coast and 4 inland. The facilities, which are designed in response to environmental conditions as a variation-on-the-same-theme, will accommodate 28,400 students and create a uniformity of educational facilities across Tripoli and into the Sahara, south of the capital.

At the Seventh of April Technological campus sustainability is key to the design plans. Cottrell & Michelangeli, the Design team leaders said:

“ODAC and the project manager Hill Internationalhave placed particular emphasis on environmentalsustainability, as well as energy and water managementthroughout the complex. A solar plant isplanned in conjunction with campus infrastructure.The buildings are oriented and designed for an optimisedsolar and thermal control, adapted to thecoastal area of Zuwarah, west of Tripoli. The buildingsmust accomplish the high requirements of LEEDGOLD certification, provided by U.S. Green BuildingCouncil."

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