Flight of the Fornebu

17 Nov 2009

Former Oslo Airport transformation by A-lab completes

Transformation is complete at the Fornebu site - the location of Oslo's Airport until 1998 when it took retirement at 60. Its vacant cavernous Terminal building opened up a world of opportunities, quickly grasped by Norwegian IT company IT Fornebu AS Group, and a new business park now dominates the site.

The IT-Fornebu Portal building as it is known was developed by the IT-Fornebu Eiendom and designed by A-lab architects after winning a competition in 2004.

"In the design A-lab prioritised people," said the architects. "The design criteria’s were to reduce volume and waste, provide an effective, efficient and healthy workplace, enhance communications and give a flexible layout. We believe that successful organizations are made of people who are connected and inspired, who learn through collaboration, share ideas and are motivated towards excellence. We imagined a place where people are present and engaged in mind and body.

"The building supports the development and transmission of knowledge, skills, values and ideas, as well as the opportunity for companies to express their own identity."

Or identify with a new identity as may be the case may be with this vibrant development. Approximately 28,000 sq m are provided at the site which has been constructed in preparation for a predicted surge in development, making the project the heart of a new business destination for the city. Four 6-storey office blocks flank a dramatic 'mandarin red' cantilevered public Hub whose fully glazed front affords panoramic views from the building over the entrance. An innovative exoskeleton system creates interest for each of the 3,750 sq m blocks. Diagonal steel beams surround each block, attached every 4.8 meters with a steel joint through the façade to the floor beams creating a diamond lattice.


Client: IT-Fornebu Eiendom
Architect: a-lab
Interior design: a-lab
Landscape design: Asplan Viak
Structural engineer: Rambøll Norge AS (competition phase: Arup)
M&E services: Electro : Føyn Consult / Ventilation : Norconsult

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