Wolf Prix of COOP HIMMELB(L)AU has revealed one of the 'smallest but most interesting' designs by the firm, Pavilion 21 MINI Opera Space. The 300 seat pavilion has been designed for the Bavarian State Opera and sponsored by the car manufacturer MINI for use at the Munich Opera Festival 2010.

The task was no easy one: to create an acoustically and visually pleasing structure which is at the same time mobile and lightweight. The firm say they have achieved a design which will reach this potential by enhancing the acoustical properties of the space using tilted walls and increased surface area. "Another design strategy is also to reduce the influence of external sources of sound," added the firm. "The Pavilion which is 21 meters long, 17 meters wide and between 6 and 8 meters high will be positioned in such a way on the Marstallplatz that it will act more as a sound reflector than as a barrier to the sound of the cars passing by."

The visual form of the structure has been created through a novel digital design method. Sound frequencies from Jimi Hendrix' song, "…’Scuse me while I kiss the sky..." and Mozart’s opera "Don Giovanni" have been overlayed and parametrically transferred into the pyramidal forms which will be constructed in aluminium to create the pavilion.

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