On track

James Jeffries
12 Nov 2009

Organic market and mixed use scheme planned for Voorhout

On a site located next to the railway station in Voorhout, The Netherlands, a busy railway line dissects the village. Allard Architecture plan to convert this aspect into a green ribbon through the existing context. The linear track provides an axis for the planting of sound absorbent willow trees, establishing a green buffer as a precondition before considering building mass.

Building volumes are then introduced parallel to the railway tracks to create a boundary. Anchored around the railway station, a second set of diverging building volumes swing open to allow light into the formed market square as well as generating an opening to the main street to encourage activity and transparency of ground floor retail functions. Due to the raised railway line, parking is introduced under the open green zone.

The village has asked for an organically themed market place, which has been established as the Green Market Square, surrounded by a mix of retail, leisure, housing and work spaces.

The project is a combination assignment for Cradle of Development(COD) and Youngstreet & Cowhill, The Hague, The Netherlands.The total floor area for the scheme is 8100 square metres.

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