Redefining the skyscraper

James Forryan
11 Nov 2009

Plans for a radical departure in Dallas from HKS

The L A N D_S C R A P E R is an overturned vertical skyscraper, rescaling itself toward the human experience, trying to reconnect the once thriving urban life of Dallas residents. As recently as 1960, the city of Dallas possessed a vibrant urban culture, stimulated by round-the-clock living, working and playing. Now, when existing Dallas skyscrapers close for the day, they send their tenants as far as thirty miles away from the urban core, leaving glass and steel coffins to illuminate the Dallas skyline.

Reflecting on Eadweard Muybridge’s 19th century collotypes, three sets of stills were associated with each of the city’s districts: the dance for the performing arts district; the walking baboon for the financial district; and the maiden going to bed for the residential sector of Deep Ellum in Dallas. These stills were fused together to create the morphological form of the building. Because the L A N D_S C R A P E R passes through three noticeably different spatial districts, the building form abstracts the auras synthesised by each space.

The L A N D_S C R A P E R was designed with the notion of rethinking circulation and connectivity within a dense urban fabric. The horizontality creates a greater sense of scale and fluidity for the user in a mostly vertical atmosphere.

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