Connecting Copenhagen

Samy Mansour
11 Nov 2009

Olafur Eliasson links the Christianshavns Kanal in Copenhagen by use of an innovative bridge

Danish-Icelandic artist, Olafur Eliasson, has designed a new bridge, Cirkelbroen (the circle bridge) which will create a winding path across Christianshavns Kanal in Copenhagen connecting Christiansbro with Applebys Plads. From 2012, when the bridge is expected to be completed, the city’s residents and visitors will be able to run, walk or cycle around Copenhagen’s entire inner harbour for the first time Based on Christianshavn’s history and the culture around the canals, Eliasson has used the sailing ship as his visual starting point for the bridge. Cirkelbroen consists of five staggered circular platforms of various sizes each with their own ‘mast’.

The €4.5m bridge is a gift from the Nordea-foundation whose purpose is to support activities that promote good living within the areas of health, sports and exercise, nature and culture. Olafur Eliasson’s bridge will provide new possibilities of outdoor life and cultural activities.

The bridge will be around 32 meters long. The free height under the bridge allows harbour tours and small motor vessels to pass under it. For taller vessels, the bridge will open in a horizontal arc.

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