10 Nov 2009

Using architecture to subtly contrast zones

The architects were tasked with presenting a gastronomic space, to be implemented in a recently completed office building located in the south area of the city of Torres Vedras, 40km north from Lisbon, Portugal.

The result is an organisation of specific internal functions, which guarantees a clear relation between service and public areas, based on contemporary concepts, forms and materials. Bringing together two separate spaces, the design celebrates the differences recreating them as zones separated by sliding shading glass panels.

It was architects' intention that the whole restaurant had a unique and global image, but that individual zones could be infused with subtle differences. This was achieved through a 'second skin of graphically designed wall panels creating a pattern that adapts itself to the different support materials: glass panels, white painted MDF panels, black painted MDF panels.

Contributing a third dimension of space a tri-dimensional ceiling was drawn, becoming a fundamental element of the whole set. It functions both to hide technical infrastructures and to separate the zones as a physical barrier.

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