Sparkle put back into Golden Jubilee

Dramatic makeover of hospital entrance completes

by John Pelan 06 November 2009
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    Architects Holmes have completed a striking new front entrance and reception area for the Golden Jubilee National Hospital in Clydebank.

    The new main entrance and reception points have been designed as bold modern interventions to complement the existing building. The project’s main aim is to provide a welcoming and accommodating environment for the growing number of patients being treated at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital in support of its new status of specialist West of Scotland Heart and Lung Centre.

    The redesigned front entrance has a covered glazed walkway and an impressive V-shaped gateway structure which announce the hospital’s main arrival point. The design utilises large areas of glazing and polished Trespa cladding, internally and externally, to connect the spaces. A discrete ambulance entrance, dedicated parking and well-considered transport drop off points, are provided to maintain patient privacy during transfer.

    Internally, the design also presents a modern, bright space, creating an open, transparent and positive environment with a welcoming ambience, important for the wellbeing of the hospital’s users and in particular its patients and visitors. The reception area features an office box, clad in dark-coloured modular panels which create a visual connection to the external canopies and structures.

    The innovative design for the hospital main entrance and reception area sets an excellent example of a modern approach to hospital design that is open, transparent and inviting.

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