Chameleon cladding

Nick Straughan
06 Nov 2009

Chameleon Colour Characteristics in Rainscreen Cladding

Rockpanel Chameleon boards are manufactured from the sustainable raw material basalt through a highly efficient production process. The durability of stone and the workability of wood are combined in the products. The panels fit effortlessly into sustainable developments, and in addition accommodate contemporary architectural trends, combined with a strong emphasis on costs and installation time. Usually they are applied in ventilated constructions, where the products contribute to a comfortable indoor climate.

Changing colours
The mineral fibre Chameleon façade boards are combined with a crystal layer underneath a high-gloss coating. Depending on the colour of the base coat, the crystal layers refract light into a range of different colours, from orange to green and brown. The crystal layer also has an interesting impact on how colour is perceived, by changing colour when struck by natural light. This allows its colour to change at different times of day, when viewed from fresh angles, and after different amounts of exposure to sunlight. This iridescence copies the effect refracted light creates in soap bubbles, and in nature, such as on sea shells and butterfly wings.

All the beneficial properties of Wood and Stone
Rockpanel Chameleon is manufactured from mineral wool fibres compressed under high pressure - a process which gives this product unique characteristics. It is as hard-wearing as stone, but flexible enough to be shaped easily. The boards can be sawn with standard woodworking tools, curved in many ways and follow the contours of any design, so that they can be used in a wide variety of different building projects. Rockpanel Chameleon has a protective layer applied on top of the crystals, making the surface more durable, more rigid, and smooth so that it stays clean.

The boards are made from 20 - 30% recycled material. Production processes allow Rockpanel to manufacture over 400m² of cladding from just a single cubed metre of basalt rock, a very sustainable natural resource. The boards are themselves fully reusable/recyclable with no downgrade in any of the recycling or re-using stages. Rockpanel Chameleon is suitable to be used in projects with sustainability targets such as BREEAM and its residential counterpart, the Code for Sustainable Homes.

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