Cut from a different cloth

Emre Arolat Architects completes Turkish textile factory

by James Forryan 06 November 2009
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    For the design of this building, constructed on the outskirts of Edirne, on a tract of land along the road to Kırklareli, effective inputs were the technical descriptions of the cyclic relations of these types of productions, the limited size of the area, and the constraints of service and main road connection possibilities and those of the local production techniques.

    The service entrance leads into the building from the road to Kırklareli and pedestrian access from the busy E-5 Highway on the other side. The sales unit, situated close to the road, again in the direction of the E-5, was connected to the main building by an overhang which covered and thus defined the walkway.

    Due to the conventional approach to such facilities, the administrative section, which was visually detached from the production building through the use of different surface languages, was more directly associated with production in this project and thus, instead of different buildings a large mass took shape. This mass, which reaches the outer borders of the lot, because of the constraints of the land, was implicitly loosened thanks to linear gardens located between sections. The main purpose of these gardens was that they be used by the staff during breaks and that natural light and air enter work places; it was intended that the gardens separate areas and that thanks to their transparent frames visual fluidity would be achieved.

    Also, due to the limitations of local production possibilities, innovative experimentations in building materials and production methods were especially avoided. As are usually used in similar buildings, here too the main components were the vertical reinforced concrete load-bearing systems, a lightweight steel structure cover placed on top of them, and the coffered system on the façades; and the exterior surface took shape through a grammar established by the clear distinction between areas open or closed to the exterior.


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