Reliance on Edifice

Samy Mansour
06 Nov 2009

Reliance Energy setup a 50, 000 sq m headquarters on a 5 acre property in Mumbai

Edifice’s brief was to develop an iconic building, maximize air field views and protect critical trees centrally located on site.

Leaving a mandatory perimeter road for fire services, a gentle green undulating plane rises from the north east corner housing multipurpose halls, art galleries, visitor meeting rooms and a gymnasium as it moves towards the south and west. A 6 m deep lean core, housing access and facility utilities also aligns along the western perimeter. Primary work spaces are planned as a 24m deep linear floor plate within the extents of the core. The resultant wedge shaped atrium opens out to the south plaza entrance connected to the street.

Work-floors stagger outwards, allowing light into the depths, shading each other on the external side.

A suspended open-air private garden is planned in the atrium void at the topmost level for management.

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