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05 Nov 2009

NMA's designs for a hotel on Dublin's Liffey river

Located on the river Liffey within the heart of the Dublin docklands financial area, the Floating Hotel project was a response to an open tender competition. NMA architects with Maritime Management won the tender competition to design and build a floating hotel.The brief was to create a landmark destination within the criteria of the Dublin Docklands Development Authority brief & design constraints.

In translating the brief for the 110 bedroom hotel it provided an architectural opportunity to create an iconic form, a building with a strong identity that would be instantly recognisable.The form is a response to the brief, a low linear building achieving a breakdown in mass yet expressing the form as a single entity.

The folding corten steel surface (reference to shipping containers) unify’s & encloses the accommodation blocks but also forms the roof/outdoor spaces, extending the campshire, providing recreational spaces. The Corten Folding ‘origami’ deck creates continuous external floating landscape utilising the 360-degree panoramic views/maritime environment of the docklands area to be enjoyed by both the hotel guest and the passing public.

The construction would be similar to a boat, as it would be manufactured in a boat yard consisting of a hull below water level incorporating services, kitchens, reception, gym, event center & business centre. Two-storey blocks of the hotel bedrooms. At deck level the bar & restaurant would be expressed as two separate glass elements. The hotel would be in a permanent position using piles with vertical adjusters to allow the building rise and fall with the tides.

From arrival, accommodation to the panoramic views from the restaurant/bar, the design creates a unique experience of living & experiencing the maritime environment.

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