Positive energy

05 Nov 2009

Arte Charpentier put something back into the grid

Elithis Engineers called upon renowned architecture practice Arte Charpentier Architectes for close collaboration. Together, the group rose to the challenge to create a building which marries aesthetics, urban integration, comfort, energy and environmental performance.

Today, the Elithis Tower is the most positive energy building in the world, in terms of energy and environmental impact. Greenhouse gas emissions from the Elithis Tower are six times less than emissions from a classic commercial building.

The new tower has the possibility to become a true laboratory of energetic experimentation equipped with more than 1,600 sensors to meticulously examine and analyse energy and emissions. Scientists, researchers and universities will be invited to visit the building and benefit from the information collected in this environment.Daily energy consumption of the Elithis Tower will be posted and displayed on a special sign, offering full transparency in greenhouse emission and important elements.

The Elithis Tower, truly the new generation in building design and construction, proves that it is possible to create an aesthetic, clean, energy efficient building that costs the same as it does to create traditional buildings.

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